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Triangle Patch tm
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--Best patches I ever used.  Robert S in Bluff City TN, Nov 2017.

--I really like the cleaning patches, they work better than traditional square and round!  Steve K
in Mansfield OH, Oct 2017.

--I have been using and cleaning sidearms, rifles and shotguns in excess of 65 years and without
any reservation,  believe your
triangle patches are of the highest quality and most effective
patches I have had the privilege to use
. My 2'nd order for a resupply of patches was placed
10/27/17 and received this morning (10/30/17); now that's also exceptional service.  Thank you,
Stan B in Windsor Locks CT, Oct 2017.

--Shane, I first saw your ad in a flyer from GCA/ AGI about 5 years ago and tried you[r] patches. I'm
not sure if they're still in business. Thanks for a great product.  
Wilson B in Memphis TN, Sept

--this is a great patch.  Daniel K in Greenacres FL, June 2017.

--these [Triangle] patches clean very well in every area of your barrel. This is the best thing
since sliced bread
. Everybody in the Fusilier Complex area should contact me.  Neal MacDonald
of Foots Gun Shop in LA, June 2017.

--Love your products, best bore patches out there.  Bob S in Bluff City TN, May 2017.

--Rigel Products: got the patches a few days ago, thank you very much for the call to get the
address solved, the delivery service here is not very good. I really like the
[Triangle] patches, easy
to use and clean the barrels squeaky clean
. I have been showing the patches to my friends
around here, so maybe they will be sending for their own, gave them your order form and address.  
Hope you are having a good day.  
Stan M in Olathe CO, May 2017.

--Steve   received my order.  Was impressed with the way it was packaged like a little kit. The
brushes in that nice container, the cleaning stuff, and the sample size of variable patches.
I am totally pleased with the contents. The
[Triangle] patches are just dandy. Best I have ever
used.  Great design
. I am totally impressed with them. I have been handing them out to fellow
shooters.  Great to see a new idea in motion.  I have already heard back from some of the guys,
that I have given samples of your patches. They are very pleased also. I expect the [sic] you will be
receiving orders from them in the near future.  
Robert B in Milwaukee WI, May 2017.

--bought at lgs [local game store] sometime ago.  John H in Phoenix AZ, April 2017.

--These are the best patches I have ever used.  I'm almost through my second set of 1000 for my
AR15.  I just bought more and some bigger ones for my 30-06.  Please keep up the good work!!  
Joseph B in Fremont NE, April 2017.

--Great products and fast shipping.  Edward W in Lynchburg TN, April 2017.

--Been using your product since 2012.  Christopher B in Aurora CO, Mar 2017.

--Mr Smith thank you for your quick response.  I tried your triangle Patches, so easy and quick,
with out the mess.  The system is a real time saver with spectacular results
, be it a 9mm,40
cal, 45 ACP including the 44 mg or any rifle in the house. I will continue to recommend them to my
friends .  edit as you see fit.  Cheers.  
Marlow P in Phoeniz AZ, Jan 2017.

--I have tried your patches in a .264 Winchester Magnum, a 300 H&H, a 45-120 Sharps and .44
Special revolvers. They really do work well and are
easier to use than the old square or round
. They are absorbent and work as promised.  I will continue to use them in the future.  
Thank you.  
John G in Summerville SC, Nov 2016.

--been using your [triangle] patches for some time now . . . love them.  Lisa M in Santa Barbara
CA, Oct 2016.

--Awesome weapon cleaning [triangle] patches and I'm a repeat customer. Clayton C in Meridian
ID, Aug 2016.

--Patches.  They work great! I am impressed.  
Richard O in Danville KS, July 2016.

--. . . . Really like your products!!  Those patches make a big difference in cleaning.  No more
straining to get the brush and patch through the bore.
 I haven't flexed a cleaning rod once since I
started using your product.
 That makes for a much better cleaning experience all around.  Many
kudos to the folks at Rigel.  Thanks for the goodies.  
Gary D in Las Vegas NV, March 2016,

--Great products as always. Lane W in Natrona Heights PA, March 2016.

--I just got a few bags of your patches.  Your triangle patches makes [sic] the cleaning and so
much easier and much cleaner with fewer patches.  Doesn't hang up like the square or round
 Thanks for the design.  Jim D in Victor MT, March 2016.

--I have been using your patches for a while and have been very pleased.  Looking forward to
trying your [jag] brushes.  Thanks for your promptness.  
Ken B in Concord NC, March 2016.

--A buddy of mine had some of your patches.  I loved them.  Robert M in Oxnard CA, Nov 2015.

--mops [Triangle Patches] that I got, I really like them.  I only got chance one time to do it.  I haven't
been going down to the range, and I haven't seen any of my friends down there yet, so, that's still in
limbo yet.  But as far as I'm concerned they're really great.  Like you advertise, that
they don't get
stuck in the barrel, and you don't have to force the ro
d, so . . . . Take care, bye bye.  William D in
Harrington DE, Oct 2015.

--I love these patches. No more hammering through the bore. work very well with a jag or the dual
purpose brushes. I will
never use a standard patch again! Thank you.  Gregory R in Liberty KY,
Oct 2015.

--I used the patches on only one rifle so far and the product is excellent. Looking forward to using
them again on other rifles. Will recommend patches to others. Excellent product!  
Alfred B in Port
Orange FL, Oct 2015.

--Cleaned one rifle. Patches were excellent. Will recommend them to others. Looking forward to
using them on rest of my rifles. Excellent product!  
Alfred B in Port Orange FL, Oct 2015.

--I purchased the.22 to .27 cal triangle patches.  I'm a sucker for gimicks [sic] that make sense so I
couldn't resist.  I have to say, I almost passed  your product up when I saw guns being cleaned
from muzzle and not from the chamber.  I was taught that this is the biggest mistake people make
as if the crown is nicked or chipped in anyway, that is the last thing the bullet touches and accuracy
will never come back.  Please change your videos and start using a bore guide.

--The patches seem to be uniformly dirty.  That is what I was expecting and I'm happy to report I'm
a happy customer.  I'd like a little tighter fit  (larger patch) for my .243 but it does seem to clean a
little faster than my conventional round patch.  Fit is great for 22-250.  Thanks for a great product.
Craig D in Fremont IN, Sept 2015.

BoreSmith comment: we recommend cleaning from the chamber end of a barrel since one is
less likely to damage the crown, but for quick cleaning from the muzzle end, one can use a crown
protector on the rod.  It is important to protect the crown since it is the last rifling felt by a bullet
when it leaves the muzzle.  In our first videos, we use a crown protector on a rod to clean a Ruger
Mini-14.  The rifle does not have a bolt where one would insert a bore guide, and so instead of
removing the action from the barrel, we showed the popular quick clean which is from the muzzle
end.  At the end of our video, clips are shown of our products cleaning different kinds of guns,
including them going through a bore guide to clean a bolt-action rifle from the chamber end.

I bought a bag of 200 just to try them out. After the first use I ordered 1000. These things work great
Charles W in Coweta OK, Sept 2015.   

--This product is absolutely
the best I have ever used! Especially excellent for cleaning smaller
calibers! You have an excellent company to work with and great employees! Thank you for a great
product and it's a pleasure dealing with your company! Looking forward to purchasing from you
again!  Sincerely,
James M in Halifax PA, June 2015.

--I just got my order of Triangle patches. I was very satisfied with my first order. Had to get more.
Superior cleaning product. Have recommended to friends.
Beats square and round patches by a
mile plus
. Keep doing what you do and you will be a household name. Thank you very much.   
Scott M in Altoona PA, June 2015.

--Anytime anyone asks me what is that [triangle] patch I tell 'em, "try them & you'll never use
conventional patches again
"!  Then I hand them a few in their caliber.  Of course I letter see (and
sometimes let them try a Jagbrush)!  I donated all of my square & round patches to our local Boy
Scout troop!  Thanx for making such a great product & for your outstanding service!  "Pain is
Temporary.  Glory is Forever"!  
Jeffrey B in McDonald PA, May 2015.

--I won’t get to use the products for a couple of weeks, at least, but those cloth patches make a
heck of a lot of sense.  Samples appreciated – already plan to get those when my current supply
runs out.  I’ve been using circular ones for a long time because of the waste intrinsic with the
square ones.  Folks who use square patches probably flunked plane geometry and took a slow
boat to China for solid geometry.  They are also the ones who force square pegs into round holes
and wonder why it’s all stuck together.    
Bob F in Kissimmee FL, June 2015.

--Recently I ordered bulk packs of triangle patches for 22, 9mm, and 45. I threw out my old
patches. When my gun oil beaded up and rolled off my old patches I said enough and just tossed
them. I love the absorbency of my new patches. The
triangle shape does make a difference in
the bore. Snug but not too snug - just right
. . . . I am very happy with the patches, today I ordered
some shotgun patches and super swabs. Also ordered some of the bent cleaning brushes [Angle
Brushes tm]. I expect I will be just as happy with those as I have been with my last order.  
Steve H
in Santa Maria CA, June 2015.

--The Triangle Patches work wonderfully well, no more cutting flannelette !  regards.   Mike H in
Brisbane, Australia, April 2015.

--Finally! I can clean my 17 Rem without spending an hour building patches. These things are
great! Next is a couple cables and a set of brushes. Should have done it at the same time. Thanks
a bunch.   
 Cris M in Alva OK, April 2015.

--It was a pleasure doing business with you.  I appreciated the good service and quick delivery.
The products are the best.
Patches are excellent. I would highly recommend them.   Tom W in
Coal Township PA, March 2015.

--tried my triangle patches for the first time last night and they are everything that is advertised!!
clean better,don't stick and when used with the dual purpose bore brush it simply does not
get any easier
.   David Y in Rennselaer NY, Feb 2015.

--the patches I received were super .
easy to use and they don't get stuck.   William H in
Burlington MA, Feb 2015.

--Been using your patches for a few week, it has been a pleasant experience. Don't have the
problems of patch sticking
, Works well, will be ordering more.   Dennis M in Fort Pierce FL, Feb

--Have purchased from Rigel products before and have been well pleased with their products and
commitment to serve the customer that I keep returning to them, also the products that I use does
everything that they are supposed to do, making my weapons very clean.  
Ronald G in
Succasunna NJ, Feb 2015.

--The triangle patches are excellent.  While I still have square patches I find the triangle patches
work much better.  Less material makes cleaning easier.  Stephen N in New Providence NJ, Jan

--Shane, the [Triangle] patches are the best I have ever used and I shoot a lot. Great product and I
will be getting more from you soon.  Regards,  
James I in Mission Viejo CA, Jan 2015.

--Hi guys, finally ran out, these are the best patches.  Keep up the good work.  Regards, Eric C in
Sutherland New South Wales, Australia, Jan 2015.

--The products themselves are really excellent. It's a unique concept that works very well.  I have
used the patches before and liked them a lot so I placed this second order.  I gave some as gifts
and they have received very nice comments about how well they worked.
These are the best .22
cleaning patches I have found.
I like these triangle patches a lot and wish Rigel Products much
success in marketing them.  
Peter G in Tonawanda NY, Dec 2014.

--Hello, I’m interested in trying your [Triangle] patches.  I’m curious if they run true to size or should
I buy slightly smaller than the caliber I need.  Sizes needed are: .30, .45, .223, 9mm.  Thank you
for your time.  
Mark H in Ottawa Hills OH, Dec 2014.

Boresmith Comment: our Triangle Patches tm caliber labeling matches Jag Brush tm caliber
labeling.  Usually it matches another brand's caliber labeling for standard jag, but exact match
depends on exact diameter/length of standard jag and ID of bore.

--Your [Triangle] patches look very interesting but I have a question. Your site suggests long jags
and how to measure for correct length jag. But nowhere on your site do I see the specifications for
your patch radius. Did I miss it somewhere? One place I saw the patches side length but I assume
side length is not the same as radius. Would you please tell me the radius length of all your
patches? You might also want to put that on your web site so people will know if they have the right
jags for your patches.  Thank you.  
Mark C in USA, Dec 2014.

Boresmith Comment: we published the radii of our patches at Benefits of The Triangle Patch.

--I have been using your patches for a year.  I never even pick up my old patches any more.  Billy
F in Polk City FL, Dec 2014.

--If possible please apply dealer discount.  I use your [Triangle] patches personally and want to
show them off to our shop owner to use and recommend to our customers.   
Boone at a custom
rifle shop in Doerun GA, Dec 2014.

--All the patches I've used in the past are crap compared to yours!  THANKS!!!  James M in
Deer Lodge MT, Nov 2014.

--The best patches I ever used.  CD B in Hico TX, Nov 2014.

--I've used these products [Triangle Patches] before and they performed excellently!  Will buy
again and recommend them to my friends!  
James M in Halifax PA, Nov 2014.

--[Triangle] patches work real well & service was very fast.  Norman W in Addison PA, Nov 2014.

--Good luck with everything.  Your product is top notch.  Just a matter of getting people out of the
rut they are stuck in.  Cleaning patches may be like ketchup, mayonnaise or coffee, you use what
you were grown up on and just don’t venture out.  Maybe your marketing people can develop that
Harold H in Covington LA, Sept 2014.

--Have been a shooter for 40 plus years and recently discovered your triangle cleaning patches.  
All I can say is "
they are the best thing since sliced bread".  Gun cleaning made easier and more
efficient.  Thanks and keep up the good work.  
George H in Albrightsville PA, Sept 2014.

--Some time ago I bought some of your new triangular patches for .22 cal and I think they work
very well when compared with square patches.  I decided to purchase patches in 9mm-45 ACP but
when I saw the shipping charges I decided not to pass. It seems inordinate to me that a $20
purchase should cost almost $12 to ship considering the weight of the product.  I have ammo
weighing much more shipped from South Carolina for less. Something is wrong.  Are there any
dealers in NJ where I can but theses patches?  
Stephen N in New Providence NJ, Aug 2014.

Boresmith comment: our dealers are list of dealers.  Also, at, to save on shipping,
click on our product listings that say "Amazon Prime", whereby it ships direct out of an Amazon

--I've used your triangle patches for several years, particularly appreciate the 17 cal patches.  Fast,
easy, no more cutting down larger patches
to fit the .17.  Triangles do a much better cleaning
than square!!
 Thanks for a fine product.  Bruce B in Spanawat WA, July 2014.

--Love your products I bought.  I do think that making a .20 caliber specific patch a little larger than
you .20/.17 would work better for my .204. . . . Using a Pro-Shot standard jag the fit is looser than I
like.  I think that a little larger patch would also work in your tapered brush which I have and
provide more cleaning surface area.  If the patch is ideal for the .17 logic would dictate that a little
larger patch would be ideal for the .20 bore.  Like your product just giving a little feed back.  
H in Eland WI, May 2014.

--I have been using your patches for a few years now and love them. They clean better than any
other patches I have found
. Quality product keep it up.  Thanks.  Lane W in Natrona Heights PA,
June 2014.

--This is my second order for your [Triangle] patches they are the best for cleaning my rifles.  
Charles C  in Honolulu HI, May 2014.

--Heading on a trip to Wyoming.  would really like the [Triangle] patches by May 29th.  Please.  
Thank You for a very ggod [sic] product.  
Roger J in Moses Lake WA, May 2014.

--. . . as for the patches… I shoot tons of rifle ammo.. am an avid prairie dog hunter and
consequently always looking for a better more through method of cleaning dirty barrels. That is
what attracted me to this product. I have used it now several cleanings and conclude: the product
does work as advertized;
it clearly delivers more contact area to the barrel than a square patch
and I think, it is easier to apply cleaning fluid. What I mean by that is, I use a plastic bottle with long
snout to squirt solvent on patches. Being able to apply directly to the 3 pedals gets, in my view,
more even distribution of fluids to key areas.. and the center of the patch automatically soaks up
applications made to the flaps.  I use the super "patch guide" from BoreTech.. If you have used one
you know how good it is. This device coupled with your patches.. it one fine cleaning combo and I
LOVE the tight fit in the bore. You sent some "misc" size patches ( thank you ) that I have yet to try
on larger calibers/shotguns--etc.. but will.  Sorry if I misspelled your name.  
Frank W in Chapel NC,
April 2014.

--Order went smoothly.  Delivery was quick.  Price was fine.  All is good.  Plus, I really like the
products.  They
work much better than traditional patches.  Keep up the good work.   Gregg G in
Sioux Falls SD, March 2014

--Good news and bad news...Just received my second order of triangle patches and taper [jag]
brushes for my 17 and 22 caliber rifles...
I love 'em they work incredibly well and make those
"other" patch designs obsolete.
Now the bad news... the ease of cleaning with your products has
forced me to shoot more at the club because I no longer fear the drudgery of barrel cleaning after
a shooting session. Wait that's good news, I guess there is no bad news after all.   
Frank K in
Paradise CA, March 2014.

--Jim it was a pleasure to chat and I'm sure gonna give a try to get through to the folks at Cabela's.
I'll keep you informed.  As another side note re one of your products, I have got clean or fairy clean
square patches down a rifle bore - my .308 Rem I think, then ran your triangular patch over a bore
[jag] brush with a little more cleaner and - well I guess you know what I got - more fouling, lots
more. Maybe I oughta take one of my rifles in there and clean it while they watch! Anyhow I feel real
good about getting Cabela's on board with your stuff.  
John R in Eugene OR, March 2014.

--Article II is where I first saw triangle patches and I love them for cleaning.  They didn’t have any
jags so I ordered direct.    Thanks.  
Ron K in Winfield IL, Feb 2014.

--Been reloading and shooting for 50 years. Used to think patches and bore brushes were all the
same until I gave yours a try. Huge difference.
Especially the patches. Easiest way to break a
carbon rode is by trying to jam an ill fitting patch down your bore. There's no possible way it can
happen with your patches. Big and better difference. Thanks for a super product.  
George B in
Frankfort NY, Feb 2014.

--Got your products in really good time, was impressed with the service.  Been busy,  but what little I
have used the patches have wandered where they were all this time.  They  do
work sooo much
better than a regular patch
and seem to clean better also.  Will keep you posted as I become
more familiar with them.  THANKS !!  
Larry B in Scott City KS, Feb 2014.

--Used your .22-.27 patches on a .22 cal segmented jag of .165" diameter to clean my .220 Swift.
Fit was just right and cleaning action good. Gave some to my son who tried them on a similar jag to
clean his .22-250 and he liked them as well. Good product!  
Andrew K in Hookstown PA, Feb

--Hi, I have been using your triangle patches for almost a year. I used them in hand gun calibers
from 22 to 45. and in rifles from 22, 5.56 to 30/06.
I do not even reach for my round or square
patches anymore.
Excellent product. I will soon be ordering be ordering more because I can't find
them in my area. I have even looked for them at gun shows.   
Billy F in Polk City FL, Nov 2013

--Regarding the recent samples you sent… I cleaned two rifles this weekend with the new patches
and I was very pleased.  I think that you have finally got a winner… The new patches worked great.  
They absorbed both KG12 and Bore Tech very nicely with no surface beading… I would definitely
buy this product.  Are all the patches you’re shipping of this new material?  Or were these
preliminary samples?   
Greg G in Anacortes WA, Nov 2013.

BoreSmith comment: Oct 2013, we switched from foreign flannel to thicker USA flannel.

--The triangle patches work great. They aren't so tight that you need a hammer to push them
through, but are tight enough to properly swab the bore. I have had no problems with any of the
sizes that I ordered. I would recomend these patches for everyone in the shooting sports. If anyone
would have a problem with these patches being very tight, all they have to do is drop down to the
next size cleaning jag and the patches will perform great. Thanks for a great product. Triangle
patches are
the way to go for easy cleaning.   Randy B in Lewes DE, Nov 2013

--These patches are better than advertised won't break any more cleaning rods with these. . . . I've
broken several cleaning rods due to getting squar patches stuck in the bore....these work as
advertised and I am very impressed with them.  
Once you try them you won't want to go back.   
Robert S in Bristol TN, Oct 2013

--I'm really glad you sent a sampler of your patches with my order. They are SUPERIOR! I tried
them out on an old 38 Special revolver, which is the most accurate gun I have. Cleaned it great. I'll
be placing another order shortly to get some of these patches and some nylong brushes, and I
think I will give some of the kits as Christmas presents.  Thanks very much for some fine products.   
James P in Chattanooga TN, Oct 2013

--Shoot quite a few calibers between April and November.  Got sick of fighting with patches when
I'd get home and started cleaning.  Use Tipton graphite rods and it was a struggle not breaking
them.  Ordered your patches for .223, .243. .270 and 30-06.  What a tremendous product.  Tight but
still just goes down the barrel with no problem because of your triangle design.  
How the heck did
something so simple take so long to get on the market?
 I would never have thought of doing that
either.  Round and square patches with all the extra material getting pushed down has got to make
it harder.  Actually enjoy cleaning my guns now.  Thanks for a super product at a good price.  The
only patches and brushes I'll be using from now on.  I'll be telling everyone at the fish and game
club too.   
George B in Frankfort NY, Sept 2013

--Aloha Shane, Just to sending you a very positive feedback for Rigel's Triangle Patches. I'm using
it all the time now.
 I thought my Parker Hale jag was doing a good job but switching to the
Triangle patch made me realize that the Triangle has a greater patch surface area contact and it's
much easier to use with cleaning solvents than regular square patches. And I see a lot more
carbon and deposits on the Triangle patch that with the squares.  When I hear the dry Triangle
patch squeak in my barrel, I know it's making good contact with the inside diameter of the barrel.
It's a sweet sound of good bore contact that's cleaning and polishing!   
Shuzo U in Honolulu HI,
Sept 2013

--Great products, great company! Finally a product combination that works!  Why someone didn't
figure this out earlier
, beats me.  Fast shipping, top quality communications, a great find.   David S
in Charleston SC, Sept 2013

--Thanks. Patches are great!  Fast shipping and fair pricing.  A+++ .   Peter P in Tuckerton NJ, Sept

--I had just cleaned my 7mm before reading an ad in rifle mag.  I ordered the triangular patches to
try them out.  I ran the patch through what I thought was a clean barrel.  It looked as if I had not
cleaned it yet.  This is an awesome product I would recommend to anyone who wants their barrels
to be thoroughly clean.  I will be ordering these from now on!!   
Larry W in Craig MO, Sept 2013

--Great.  Much less stress on cleaning rod.  Thanks.   Ralph G in Clarkston MI, Sept 2013

--I have been shooting (and cleaning) guns for over 50 years….Your new triangle patches are a
stroke of genius…. something so simple yet so overdue and needed…Reducing the wadding up
of extra material in all square or round patches has always been a frustration to me.  Sometimes
the cleaning rod gets jammed so tight it’s a hassle to free it…   Triangle patches never do this…
Thanks for solving an age old problem for us shooters….   
Raymond F in Beverly Hills CA, Sept

--I have been using your patches for several months and am greatly pleased with the results and
ease of use, especially the .22 cal and 9 mm. They
do not "bunch up" in the bore and clean very
. I will continue to use them and will add other calibers as well as shotgun in the future. Thanks
for a great product.  
Wilson B in Memphis TN, Aug 2013

--Received my order and was very pleased the first time that I used your triangle patch. Thanks !  
Richard W in Worcester NY, Aug 2013

--These triangular patches are the best I have ever used.  Not only do they puncture better than
any I have used, they absorb Ed’s Red evenly, and the patch conforms to my .308 chamber and
barrel better than any I have ever used.  The patch covers the bore and cleans uniformly.  I can’t
wait to use the [triangle] patches with my .223 match rifle. Thank you – they perform spectacularly.  
Best regards,  
James J in Bath PA, Aug 2013

--We have been using your [triangle] patches for a few months now in the shop for gun cleaning,
and we love them!  We would be interested in becoming a dealer and offering our customers your
products for sale in our store.  
Phillip A in Rexburg ID, Aug 2013

--The [triangle] patches I got a couple of years ago for the .223 are working great!  I got a package
of 1000, so I'm good to go on those for a while. . . . I'm going to try the dual purpose brush with
those.  I'm having a terrible time getting my patches to come out clean on my AR.  
Joseph B in
Fremont NE, early Aug 2013

--The [triangle] patches I got a couple of years ago for the .223 are working great!  I got a package
of 1000, so I'm good to go on those for a while. . . . I'm going to try the dual purpose brush with
those.  I'm having a terrible time getting my patches to come out clean on my AR.  
Joseph B in
Fremont NE, Aug 2013

--Patches clean great and use less of them than I would square or round ones.  Whole lot easier to
get started too!!. . . . I'll order more when I use these up!!!!  
Lynne S in Paducah KY, Aug 2013

--Excellent product.  Fought the old squares for years on my .22 rifles.  These [Triangle Patches tm]
stop the bunching up.  Just received my 2nd order(see? I use them a lot).  Shipping is fast too!!!  
Hollis C in Port Orange FL, July 2013

Charles C in Honolulu HI, July 2013

--I am very much impressed with your triangle-patch [tm] concept.  Paul R in Willis TX, July 2013

--Going on trip and just realized I am low on your [triangle] patches.  Ralph G in Clarkston MI, July

--2nd order first was about 2400 couple years ago.  Definitely the best thing to ever happen to
.  This is a great product.  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK my American neighbours.  Dustin
W in Kamloops BC Canada, June 2013

--This is my 2nd purchase.  I really like these patches.  M L in Sour Lake TX, June 2013.

--I received samples an[d] purchased 22 caliber at a gun show.  I saw your ad in Handloader mag.  
I could not get bulk bag of 30 caliber size at the gun show.  Hint Hint to vendors.  
Bill A in Anaheim
CA, May 2013

--Fast service excellent products.  Will be the company I do business with in the future.  [Jag]
Brushes and [Triangle] patches are well made.  No problems at all  Thanks for the fast service.  
Terrence G in Forestburg TX, May 2013

--I like the [jag] brushes and [triangle] patches very much. I have given a sample to one of our
gunsmiths to use and he was impressed with them as well.  I will be ordering more patches in the
Gary C in Ozark MO, April 2013

--My evaluation is still the early stages; however, your triangular patches are great and I will use
them exclusively from now on
.  It also looks like your Jag Brushes [tm] will replace all of my
standard metal jags
.  Carl M in Round Rock TX, March 2013.

--gave me samples at shot show, obviously you didn't give me enough!!!  Mitch L in Berkeley CA
comment about his order, March 2013

--When I first saw the ad for Triangle patches and read the literature I decided to buy.  When I
received the patches, I could not wait to try them.  Well after using them I was sold, they are
amazing and they get the job
using less patches and a better job.  Michael W in Roseland NJ,
March 2013

--Been cleaning guns for 50 years plus. These are the best patch's I've ever used. Shipping was
super fast too. The price was right also. Thanks for a great product.  
George B in Frankfort NY,
March 2013

--Great products.  My barrels have never been so clean.  Thank you!  Andrew K in Wellesley MA,
March 2013

--Just used your patches to clean a .270 and a .243.  Great product!  The triangle patch [tm].  Wow!  
So simple and it took so long for someone to think of it.  They'll all I'll be using now.  Thanks
George B in Frankfort NY, March 2013

--Hello, I received the 10 9mm, .357, .38 bronze brushes today.  They look like the same quality
as the ones I purchase locally for $2 each.  I was impressed with both your product price and your
shipping cost.  
Steven M in Kissimmee FL, March 2013

--Hello,Wanted to tell you that this product is really great. As a mechanical engineer I am always
looking for clever ideas and the
Triangle Patch [tm] is a very clever idea. I have ordered two
sizes but have only had oppertunity to clean one gun with them. They are however, very easy to
use and I noticed that do to the ease of force required to push them though the barrel I
don't get
flex in my cleaning rod
as I did with the normal square patches. This is very good since peening of
the rifling comes from repeated rod flex and rubbing and hitting the rifling in the bore. Thanks for a
GREAT product.  
Glenn P in New Cumberland PA, March 2013.

--Hi- I just tried Triangle Patches [tm] for the first time. They are great! They really do not stick.
tight fit, but no pounding necessary. I started with the smallest amount of 3 different sizes,
and rest assured, when they're getting low, I'll be ordering in bulk. I haven't tried the Jag Brush [tm]
yet, but based on my results with the Triangle Patch, I'll give 'em a try when I re-order.  
Glenn D in
Sierra City CA, Feb 2013.

--I received my [triangle] patches [tm] today and just got finished cleaning a 30-06 and a 6.5x55MM,
both modern bolt action rifles.  All I can say is WOW!  They really, really work very well. I’ve been
shooting and cleaning my guns since 1953 and I wish I had know about these before.  I’ll gladly
recommend them to my friends.  Thanks so very much for your products!  
Harold  R in Hortonville
NY, Jan 2013.

--Jim, Wow, Thank you! I used your [triangle] patches [[tm] today, the . 22 cal it was the first time I
did not have to struggle to get the patches through the bore
. I would like to say thank you again
for sending the [triangle] patches. I will be a repeat customer.  
Gary R in Andover NJ, Jan 2013.

--Great customer service and Products were as advertised.  I will purchase from you again.  James
M in Ankeny IA, Jan 2013.

--The [triangle] patches [tm] work great, no more trimming my own. I will be trying the bore [jag]
brushes [tm] next. Thanks for the fast delivery as well.  
Greg M in Krugerville TX, Dec 2012.

--The 17 & 20s are working great!!  Paul W in Guernsey IA, Nov 2012.

--hello, a while ago i bought a few thousand triangle patches [tm] in .30 caliber. i just want to say
that these are the
best patches i have ever used.  they fit on the jag perfectly and never get
stuck in the bore and do a great job of cleaning
, when i get down to a thousand or so i will
definetley be bying a few thousand more.  
Dustin W in Kamloops BC Canada, Nov 2012.

--Not only do you have excellent products, your fast shipping is superb! . . . Again, Thanks and I
look forward to much more business.  
Daniel S in Annapolis MD, Nov 2012.

--I love your [triangle] patches [tm].  Those [triangle] patches [tm] are sweet.  The way they fit snug.  
They're great in my 6 mm's, also in my 308, 338, a 270, and some 22-250's.  
James C in Richland
Center WI, Nov 2012.

--I've used triangle patches [tm] for several years, work much better than square patches.  Glad
to see you have a .17 patch.  Now if you stocked a nylon .17 bore [jag] brush [tm], I'd be in tall
cotton!  Thanks.  
Bruce B in Spanaway WA, Oct 2012.

It's not often that a product comes along and makes life easier. I have a B.S. in Marketing, and
plain and simple - this product sells itself. No "fluff" needed. If you are a shooter and you do not use
Triangle Patches [tm] to clean your firearm, then you are putting your barrel at a disadvantage and
wasting your time with other products. These [triangle] patches [tm]
clean more efficiently, with
more fouling being removed, with LESS patches
. That leaves me more time to do what I love -
shoot. I recommend your patches and give free samples to everyone I see at the range. Thanks for
a great product.  
Andrew W in Barboursville WV, Sept 2012.

--I have used this product with good results and that is why I'm ordering again.  Jeff C in
Independence MO, Sept 2012.

--Your [triangle] patches [tm] are the best.  I have had many problems trying to find the right
patch.  Some are too tight and some are loose.  Have had issues with several calibers where
patches are too thick or too thin.  Your [triangle] patches [tm] have
solved my problems.  Thanks
for making them.  
Mike B in Sandy UT, Aug 2012.

--I ordered several size [triangle] patches [tm] a few weeks ago and finally got a chance to try them
out.  I only used the one for my .25-.06 and was really pleased with the results.  They really do work
great on cleaning out the barrel.  I also ordered some of your [jag] brushes [tm].  Just got them
today and haven't had a chance to try them out yet.  Thanks for a great product.  
Herbert B in
Wheeling WV, Aug 2012.

--Bought from you last year and was going to write and let you know what a great product this is, but
my memory sometimes get[s] lost.  
Harry F in Rochester NY, Aug 2012.

--. . . wish I would have thought of this product. . . Top Notch. . . no pun intended. . . Been a shooter
all my life. . . Always obsessed about a clean gun. . . Period. . . THEY WORK as advertised.  
Thanks  .
Gary G in Renfrew PA, July 2012.

--Hello- Just wanted to say I'm incredibly pleased with the triangle patches [tm], they work great !  
Walt P in Cheektowaga NY, July 2012.

--Best Cleaning Patches Ever !  Cleans the barrel in 25% less patches and gives a more thorough
cleaning and doesn't get stuck!!  
Andrew W in Barboursville WV, June 2012.

--Your triangle patches [tm] work so much better than the square patches.  Arthur D in Miami
FL, June 2012.

--Used your [triangle] patches [tm]  today in my single shot heavy barrel .223, I have always had a
hard time getting a patch through this gun without a lot of force.  
Your patches have cured that
, gun cleaned fast and easy, I am glad I bought them.  What a great product.  Randy T in
Phoenix AZ, May 2012.

--Received cleaning patches today. . . . Used to clean two guns.  I was very pleased with your
product.  I will keep you in mind when I need more cleaning patches, and will highly recommend to
friends.  Good Luch in the future.  
John M in Altoona PA, May 2012.

--Got the [triangle] patches [tm] yesterday - used them this morning.  They work great.  Thanks.  
Timothy W in Pittsburg PA, April 2012.

--As a competitive shooter in both rifle, pistol and three gun competitions, I use a LOT of patches.  I
have found your triangle patches [tm] to be
a marked improvement in what was out there
.  I've had two patch-related challenges historically: getting good coverage (lots of solvent in
or lots of fouling out) and getting the right amount of absorption.  Your triangle patches [tm] are a
marked improvement on both counts.  
Thomas C in Moraga CA, March 2012.

--I've been hunting and target shooting for 50 years and always been a stickler about getting the
bores clean.  It was always a chore pushing a patch through the bore but these triangle patches
[tm] are easy to push through.  I checked the rifle bore with a bore scope after using these patches
and they clean the bore like the regular square patches do.  Great product.  
Ray M in Lutz FL,
March 2012.

--Thanks for your super product of triangle Patches [tm].  I have found that they do everything and
more as stated in your ads.  I shoot an Anschutz .22 biathlon Rifle that has to put them in a size of
dollar coin at 50 meters after X-C skiing.  Great product.  
Rick W., Wisconsin Hunter Ed.
Instructor, Retired Game Warden, and certified Sniper in Grafton WI, March 2012.

--Triangle patches [tm] are great.  They do not get stuck in the barrel, and they clean very well.  I
just ordered again in other calibers.  Excellent product !  
Robert M., in Sunrise FL, February 2012.

--. . and yes I really like the triangle patches [tm]. Thank You.  John D., in Granbury TX, January

--Hi - just wanted to give you feedback on the [triangle] patches [tm] I used so far....  I used the .22
to .27 cal. on a Winchester model 70 in 243 WSSM.  The equipment I used was . . . bore guide, . . .
carbon fiber cleaning rod and . . . jags.  The patches worked perfectly.  They
didn't bunch up and
they cleaned the barrel thoroughly !!
. . . . Thanks so much for a great product.  Mike W., in
Cincinnati OH, January 2012.

--I love your cleaning patches.  I have one problem when cleaning my 22 caliber rifle the rod gets
stuck.  I notice you mentioned to use a long jag, which i do not have.  Can you tell me who makes
the long jags and i will order some.  You can't tell by looking at pictures weather they are long or
August D., in Carlisle PA, January 2012.

--I shoot alone mostly tactical training, on occasion I shoot with some "old timers" I turned them
onto the triangle patches [tm] and as usual new technology even a gun cleaning patch with these
guys I might as well have handed them an I pad.  After the whining and grumbling they finally used
them.  Not one complaint they are even using them exclusively.  I love them,
won't use any other
.  My stag loves em, even more.  James C., in Yucca Valley CA, January 2012.

--Excellent customer service.  Products were as advertised.  I would purchase from these guys
Charlie C in Fallbrook CA, December 2011.

--. . . the triangle patches [tm] work just as they are advertised. They track smoothly thru the bore,
no rod flexing and do an excellent job cleaning
. . . . Try the jag brushes [tm] and triangle patches
[tm] just once. You'll not be disappointed.  
Lee N in Eaton OH, December 2011.

--I have used your [Triangle] patches [tm] and all I can say is holy cr** why didn't they think of this
a long time ago
.   Before I received your patches a feller would try to get a square patch in a round
hole and it almost took 2 people.  One to hold the gun and the other to push the cleaning rod.  
Steve S in Dewitt IL, November 2011.

--I used some of your 22 cal triangle patches [tm] today and they work great.  Thank You for a fine
product line of cleaning goodies.  
Steve S in Dewitt IL, October 2011.

--The .22 caliber triangle patches [tm] are the best patch i have ever used. triangle patches [tm]
the only ones i will use from now on.  Lester D in Livingston LA, October 2011.

--Love the patches. from the 17 all the way up. The 17 is a hard bore to clean with the small dia rod
it is tuff to run thru with out sticking. The little triangle patch [tm] does not stick and makes it a lot
easyer to clean. I will order more when needed. Thanks from Wisconsin.
-  Dave H in Chippewa
Falls WI, October 2011.

--I purchased a larger triangle patch [tm] that I use for my .308 and it works GREAT!-  Doug H in
Gretna NE, September 2011.

--Conforms better to the bore. . . . Love 'em.  They work great.  Glenn G in Ridgecrest CA,
September 2011.

--The patches I ordered worked great - took half the time and effort I usually expend cleaning my
rifles and pistols. I can promise you, I will be ordering more.  
Gerald R in Tampa FL, July 2011.

--Great product! I need fewer patches to get the bore of my .204 Ruger No. 1 clean.  
Arthur N in
Salt Lake City UT , May 2011.

--I purchased triangle shaped gun bore patches, and they work great.  The purchasing and check-
out process was easy and the items shipped quickly to me.  I look forward to doing business here
again soon.  
Joe B in Fremont NE , April 2011.

--I’m already sold on the patches. . . . they’re far superior to anything else I’ve seen/used.  David
C in Las Vegas NV, March 2011.

--I love your patches. In my .223 I can, with great effort, push a square 1 1/8" patch thru the bore
but with your patches they
slide right thru. After looking at the patch I could see very little over
lapping and
much better cleaning. GREAT PATCHES.  Jim B in Bellingham WA, Feb 2011.

--I finally used some of the triangle patches [tm] and I've got to say that they work just fine.  Keep up
the good work. Thanks.  
Jim H in Hollister CA, Dec 2010.

--A partner and I both are using your triangle patches [tm], like them very much. Seem too use less
patches on cleaning a dirty bore. Also seems to run through the bore easily. Found them handy on
a praire dog hunting trip, a lot of cleaning in a couple of days. Thank you.  
Al S in Grand Forks ND,
Nov 2010.

--I think your triangle patches are great, especially for very small calibers where the chances of
getting a patch stuck are greater than for large calibers.  
Craig B in White Mountain Lake AZ, Nov

--I can sum up what I think of your products that I ordered late Sept.----GREAT. I am very pleased, I
hate cleaning my rifles, but your products
have turned work into pleasure.  Joseph J in Denton
MD, Nov 2010.

--I have used your triangle patches [tm], and think they are an exceptional product.  Highly
recomend them.  
Tom G in Bristol CT, Nov 2010.

-I bought your patches last month & they really work very well.  No more stuck patches and a far
cleaner bore
.  Arthur G in Karns City PA, Nov 2010.

--Thank you.  I've liked your products, and will definitely order more when needed.  Robert S in
Auburn AL, Nov 2010.

--I like the patches.  I ordered 1000 cal 20 to 27, to try out. It is a tough little patch with good
coverage. The best part is it
does not bunch up and stick in the barrel. Thanks.  Dave C in
Roseville CA, Sept 2010.

--I have used the triangle patches [tm] and the nylon [Jag] brushes [tm] and am completely
satisfied.  The patches especially are outstanding.  I
will never use a square patch again.  Albert
A in Orleans MI, Aug 2010.

--First in line for a through cleaning was my .223 Remington. . . . . I saturated a .20-.27 Triangle
patch [tm]. . . . . The patch was a little tighter than I like but it didn't hangup. . . . . Next in line was my .
243 Winchester. I used the same process, dampen a patch, run through the bore, let set about 10
minutes, and run a dry patch through the bore. The patches fit just right in this gun. . . . . I also
cleaned my 6.5x55 Sweedish Mauser. Again the patch worked just right. The .270-.35 patch
seemed a little tight in my 7x30 Waters barrel. But workrd great in my .30-06 Remington.  Again
hang-ups with any of the patches
.  Leo F in Muskogee OK, July 2010.

--1 size patch fits more calibers.  Triangle size make more contact with bore.  [Each notch]
keeps patch from bunching up
.  Jim T in Great Falls MT, June 2010.

--I am impressed with the ease of using both the [jag] brushes [tm] and the patches.  I cleaned a 32-
inch 45-70 barrel and kept
expecting the patch to get stuck it didn't. . . . I will continue to use
James S in Fort Morgan CO, Aug 2009.

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