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Triangle Patches TM

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Jag Brush TM

Patent Pending worldwide
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See video.
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-- do not get stuck inside bore
   since their notches eliminate all or most
   5-layer pleating;
-- more contact to bore wall
   since they have longer radii than square patches;
-- less rod flexing
   since less 5-layer pleating makes the patch/jag
   combo stroke smoothly;
--works best with long jags
   since our patch radius is long, and see jag selection..
-- cleans as dual purpose
  since it has two diameters;
-- reaches further into rifling
  since it has a smaller gap clearance between
  bristle tip and bore wall;
-- makes more patch contact
  since entire length of jag presses patch fabric
  against bore wall;
-- makes less rod flexing
  since bristles flex to accommodate thick
  patch pleats;
-- works with any shape of patch,
  but our triangular patches clean faster than
  square ones since our triangular ones have
  longer radii.
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