Innovation and Design
Our design team uses their education,
experience, and training to give you
products that save you time and make
cleaning easier and better.
Our engineers give you high
performance products.
Freedom is not free.
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Our Company
The people
at Rigel Products
the men and women of
the United States
Armed Forces for
the brave sacrifices they
have made and
continue to make.
Our Facility
In Gardena, California, we located
production inside an existing
25,000-sq-ft packaging plant.  Our
handling charges are low, and that
benefits dealers and consumers.  
See press release 6-2-10.  We have
access to an array of packaging

We fabricate the patches ourselves
to give you competitive prices.  
press release
4-22-10.  We produce the
economical square patch and the
premium Triangle Patch tm.
Our Company
Located in Los Angeles, California, we coordinate with raw material
suppliers and industries across the United States and in other countries
to develop, produce, and deliver product.
Who We Are
We were founded by a physicist, a mechanical engineer, an
environmental scientist, and a chemical engineer, all who live in
Southern California.  We are gun enthusiasts, target shooters, and
combat-trained shooters.  Like you we spend time getting guns clean,
and that is why we brought expertise to allow you and us and make our
Cleaner Faster TM.
Our Brands
Angle Brush TM
Flo Thru Brush TM
Jag Brush TM
Pyramid Patch TM
Gun Cleanser TM
Cleaner Faster TM
Triangle Patch TM
Cleaner Faster TM
Diamond Patch TM
Barrier Lube TM
A Patch Cutting Machine
Private Labeling
At minimums we private label, and for
foreign requests that can include
translating our English labels into other
languages.  Minimum is low for
translating insert cards of series 6000 or
series 7500.
We license to companies who meet our requirements to verify production levels.  Our patented
products will wind up in most tool boxes, and we invite brands to participate, being brands such as
those of gun manufacturers, gun-cleaning companies, and retail chains.
Major contracts are likely to be
preceeded by a non-disclosure
Brands should contact us to set up promotionals.
Chains and Distributors
We will add you as an additional insured to our product liability coverage, and we will
meet your needs to keep track of payment, product availability, product transfer, and
stock.  Chains would benefit from our demo team that trains your staff and customers.