Date: March 14, 2015

6500 Series Production of Jag Brushes for Cables

Gardena, CA — the factory received the first production of Jag BrushesTM for cables.  
Caliber received are 22/223/5.56 and 30/308/7.62, and each is filled with either
phosphor bronze or nylon.

Its connector features a pointed tip capable of puncturing patches.  After puncture,
the patch is pulled over the connector, and then the patch wraps around the small
diameter section of bristles.

Typically a patch pulled over the connector would be soaked with solvent.  But the
brush is capable of holding a second patch.  Included is a loop beyond the section of
large diameter bristles, and through the loop a patch may be pulled.  When the patch
inside the loop is soaked with lubricant, a 6500 Jag BrushTM is triple action, and
triple action makes it a quick and complete cleaning system for field cleaning.

It has the same benefit as a Jag BrushTM for rods, and that is the smaller gap it
creates to a bore wall.  The smaller gap means it pushes a patch further into rifling,
than done by standard jags or loops.

Since it may be loaded with fresh patches, it does not suffer the problem that snakes
have, which is that our Jag BrushTM for cables does not send down dirty absorbents
embedded with carbon particulates.

It comes packaged in a plastic twist tube having a label on the outside.  The label
depicts the brush with a patch wrapped at the small diameter linear section.

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