Date:December 16, 2011

Cutting Die Finished for 17—20 Caliber Triangle PatchTM

Los Angeles, CA — Rigel Products began production of a 17-and-20 caliber Triangle
PatchTM to meet demand for a high quality dependable cleaning patch for these
smallest bores.    Its area is based on the 7/8” square patch, but its sides, being
1.33 inches, are much longer than 7/8 inch.  Its radius at 0.77 inch is 24% longer
than the 0.62 radius of 7/8-inch square patch.  The increased side length and radius
means the new Triangle PatchTM reaches farther down a jag than a square patch,
and it results in more fabric being pushed against the bore wall.  The notches in our
triangular patch give it further dominance over the commonly used 0.75-inch or 7/8-
inch square.  While a 7/8-square can be difficult to push down a 17 bore, being
dependent on jag diameter and patch thickness, the 1.33-inch Triangle PatchTM
avoids becoming jammed at the same time it pushes more fabric into rifling.  The
notches reduce over pleating to prevent our patch from getting stuck.

The patch design and dimensions were completed using formulas and testing
procedures developed by Rigel Products.  The triangular shape with notches in the
sides follows the patent-pending design of previous caliber Triangle PatchesTM
already put onto the market by Rigel Products under the Boresmith brand.  When
used with a long jag, the patch’s long radius allows users to press more exposed
fabric along the bore wall than they do when pushing a square patch.  The Triangle
PatchTM works even better with our factory sample 17-cal Jag BrushTM, and those
Jag BrushesTM will become available in 2012.  Our Jag BrushesTM push more of
the patch against a bore wall without getting stuck.

The 17-to-20 cal patch is anticipated by some of our end customers who reach us
through the online store.  Customers express frustration with prior art products for
cleaning these small bores.

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