Date: July 07, 2011

Some 6000 SKU’s Packaged in Smaller Retail Poly Bags

Gardena, CA — regular non-bulk bags of SKU’s 6017, 6022, and 6028 are now
offered in smaller poly bags.  Previously they were sold in 6x6 bags, and now the
dimensions are reduced to 4x5 inches for 6017 and 6022, and to 4x6 for 6028.  The
smaller bags provide plenty of space for the quantities of patches enclosed, being
200 for 6017 or 6022 and 120 for 6028.  The smaller bags take up less area on a
shelf, providing a bag with little extra inside space.  Less area taken up on the shelf
provides a savings to dealers.

See photos the retail packaging at

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