Date:November 21, 2008

New Gun-Cleaning Patches Raise the Bar

Los Angeles, CA--the new Pyramid Patches TM  create a new level of engineering in
the science of gun patches.  The Utility Patent-Pending shape and notches raise the

Their novel triangular shape has a longer radius than square or round patches.  The
longer radius means triangular patches spread more patch area against bore walls,
11% more than square patches, and 27% more than round patches.  The foregoing
percentages are based on assigning constant total patch area to different shapes.

Patches wrapped around jags get stuck inside bores because multiple layers are
formed.  It is the multiple 5-layers and multiple 7-layers formed that cause a combo
to become stuck inside bores.  Square and round patches readily form the thick
multiple 5-layers and 7-layers.

By moving more patch area along the patch radius, more of the triangular patch
stretches along the length of the jag, and the result is less multiple layering.  The
triangular shape reduces multiple 5-layers and eliminates the multiple 7-layers.  
Less multiple layering means patches wrapped around jags are less likely to
become stuck inside bores.

Pyramid Patches
TM have a second novel feature.  Notches along the sides of the
patches eliminate the multiple 5-layers completely.  The multiple 3-layers of Pyramid
TM give a perfect tightness inside the bore.  By varying the Utility
Patent-Pending notches, any amount of 5-layer can be recovered to increase

Pyramid Patches
TM are made using highly absorbent bleached cotton flannel.  They
are sold in bulk, or they come in kits with Rigel Products new Jag Brushes

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