Date: May 26, 2005

New Brushes Clean Where Toothbrush-Style Brushes Cannot

Los Angeles, CA—new wire cleaning brushes will make their way into gun stores
across the nation during the summer.  The innovative wire brushes have the
advantage of being shaped like paintbrushes, allowing them to clean where typical
toothbrush-style wire brushes cannot reach.  The new Brushsmith-brand brushes
will become an essential tool in any set of gun-cleaning equipment.

Gunsmith, Peter Stefansky, of Bain & Davis in San Gabriel, California, said that
“these brushes are really handy for getting into nooks and crannies, for that detailed
cleaning.”  They allow gun owners to use less effort to reach into tight corners, deep
cavities, and narrow channels or edges.  The ability to clean easier and faster
means less work.

Gunsmith, Steve Mathew, of Mathew’s Gun Shop in Downey, California, said that the
BrushsmithTM  brushes are “exceptional for getting at excess bluing salts that
accumulate into deep crevices or between threads.”  The wire brushes are for
removing powder residue baked on after heavy gun use.  In addition to removing
carbon deposits, they remove stubborn rust, metal-oxide layers, chemical corrosion,
and embedded dirt or grime.

Product number 1131 has an angle stem.  The stem comes bent to an optimum
angle, allowing it to reach where other wire brushes cannot.  It is used to clean gun
chambers and slides in hard-to-reach places.  The durable stainless-steel filaments
have excellent longevity.

Product number 2305 features two larger brushes for cleaning large areas of guns.  
One is stainless steel, and the other is phosphor bronze for cleaning blued-metal

Shane Smith of Rigel Products said that “I came up with the designs because I was
frustrated when wire toothbrushes did not fit into small parts of my guns.”  He added
that “these industrial-grade brushes are made according to specifications provided
by Rigel Products to optimize gun cleaning, and they were designed with customers
in mind to make their retail price comparable to that of wire toothbrushes.”

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