Triangle Patches TM
Utility Patents Pending

Jag Selection
Important suggestion: to make certain any patch shape (square, round, rectangular, or
triangular) wrapped around a standard jag does not get stuck at bore entry, the length of
a jag should be longer than or equal to the radius of the patch.
(jag length)
from tip to
top of base
(patch radius)
from center
to corner
Reason for jag length must be greater than patch radius: for small bores, diam 9
mm and smaller, when too much of a patch's corners reach over the base of a jag
where there is small clearance between jag base and bore wall, combo can become
Definitions: of jag length and patch radius are shown in photos below.
Lengths of various jags and radius of patch.
Close up shows length of Jag Brush tm and where patch folds
around it..
Close up shows length of short jag.
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Use a vise: to apply sufficient force to a rod or cable, it is best to have a gun in a vise.  
Use a vise with flat panels so that vise force disperses widely, and wrap gun in a folded
towel.  Do not use a vise with small contact points since too much pressure at these
points can damage a gun..
Triangle Patch tm Dimensions
Caliber  -->  Side Length (inch)  -->  Radius (inch)
17-20  -->  1.3"  -->  0.75"
22-27 -->  1.9"  -->  1.097"
27-35  -->  2.875"  -->  1.660"
35--58  -->  3.8"  -->  2.194"
shotgun  -->  4.56"  -->  2.633"