Date: April 21, 2014

5600 Holds More Patches

Los Angeles, CA — 5600 slide packs were re-designed to hold more Triangle
PatchesTM.  The patch cavity in the prior blisters held only 40 of the 30-cal patches
and 80 of the 22-cal patches.  The new cavity is larger, and it holds 240 of 30-cal
patches and 520 of 22-cal patches.  While the old 5600 cavity was not large enough
to hold large patches for 35-to-45 cal and for shotgun, the new cavity will fit such large
patches when folded.

The second cavity holding two or four Jag BrushesTM has similar dimensions as the
prior blister did.  The old quantity of one Jag BrushTM was increased to two since
there are many Triangle PatchesTM in the kit.  Many customers order duplicate
brushes in each shipment, and so increasing the quantity from one to two
approaches customer demand.

The larger patch cavity was accommodated without enlarging the card by much.  
While the old card was 5 by 9 in inches with an area of 45, the new card has
dimensions 4 by 12 inches with an area of 48.  The new slide pack for a single
caliber retails in the range $8.75 to $12.75.  The dollar-to-square-inch ratio is 0.18 to
0.27, while for the old packaging it was 0.09.

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