Date: January 14, 2014

Improved Jag BrushTM for Cables Displayed at Shot Show

National Shooting Sports Foundations Tradeshow at Sands Exhibition Hall
Las Vegas, NV— 6500 Series is displayed in the New Product Center.  The new
series extends the benefit of our Jag BrushTM for rods to the application for cables.
With our new brush added, a cable system can share a benefit of the Jag BrushTM.  
It creates a smaller gap to bore wall, and that means our pull-thru cable Jag
BrushTM pushes patch absorbents further into rifling than done by standard jags or
loops.  Its 8-32 thread fits cables of many brands.

The additional application required designing the small-diameter section next to the
connector.  To overcome the problem of making a patch reach the small diameter
section, the design features a conical tip at the threaded connector.  At that point, a
patch is punctured and pulled over the threads, and it enables the patch to wrap
around the small diameter section.

Beyond the large diameter section and opposite the connector, the design features a
loop where a patch is pulled through and sits to provide lubrication.  The triple
purpose brush does complete cleaning in one pull.  It has advantage over various
snake designs where absorbents, being fixed in place as part of their structure and
not replaceable between uses, are dirtied by carbon particulates, and those
particulates can be abrasive.  Our Jag BrushTM for cables uses fresh untainted
patches between pulls.

Caliber shown are 22/223/5.56, 243/6, 25/6.5, 270/7, and 30/308/7.62.  Phosphor
bronze and nylon bristles brushes are shown.  The two features pointed tip and
looped end are new, and they were not used in the design demoed at Shot Show
one year ago.

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