Date:January 27, 2012

New Resellers at ShotShow

National Shooting Sports Foundations Tradeshow at Sands Exhibition Hall
Las Vegas, NV — The response to our full line of firearm cleaning products at Shot
Show 2012 was outstanding.  New dealers took advantage of show discounts to pick
up our line.  Internet re-sellers came to us to enhance their online presence via our
unique patent-pending products.  Law enforcement from state governments and the
Federal Government asked us to register with their respective government
purchasing agencies so that they could order our firearm cleaning products.  
Representatives from shooting events asked for donations.  Several foreign sporting-
goods importers and foreign military representatives expressed interest.  We
approached select firearm manufacturers to begin the process of doing promotions
whereby they re-sell or include our patent-pending products.  We initiated old and
new contacts with distributors to pick up or expand their offering of Rigel Products’

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