Date:December 19, 2011

Rigel Adds ProlixTM Liquids to Its Online Store

Gardena, CA — the latest company to cross sell with is ProChemCo of Utah.  In
response to ProChem’s selling Rigel Products patent-pending items at ProChem’s
online store, Rigel Products added ProChem products to its online store.

Products added were ProChem’s PrOlix brand.  PrOlix TM 4-ounce TGCP, being its
Total-Gun-Care-Product TM, gives Rigel’s online store its first spray bottle.  The thin
liquid cleans, lubricates, and protects.  The 1-ounce bottle of the same liquid is the
sample size.  ProChemCo’s PrOlix TM XTRA-T Lube is a medium viscosity lube with
a blue tint, which ideally is used on moving parts of the firearm.

More information is available at, and at store.rigelproducts.
com >> Lubricants.

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