Date: August 15, 2011

Barrier LubeTM in Two Retail Containers

Gardena, CA — the clear lube is made from live plant derivatives and not from
petroleum.  It is stable at over 400 F, being higher a temperature than standard
petroleum oils.  It remains viscous at less than 0 F, which is 32 degree F less than
the freezing point of water.  Since it has medium-heavy viscosity, it is ideal for barrier
formation between moving parts.  The component liquids are made in the USA.

It is supplied in a 2.25-ounce HDPE bottle as SKU 7237 and in a 6 ml sample bottle
as SKU 7295.  The larger bottle has a flip-up pour spout, and the sample bottle has
a screw-on cap.  Both are made in the USA.

The larger container is for retail shelves.  While the smaller container may be
retailed, it is provided for free with end-customer orders or sold to them online direct.
See photos of the retail packaging at

See photos the retail packaging at

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