Date: July 18, 2011

Jag BrushTM Cleans Better than Patch Loops and Reduces Risk to Bore, Part IX:
Effect of Circumference

Los Angeles, CA — because a Jag BrushTM has bristle tips distributed around its
circumference, it spreads a patch evenly throughout a bore’s inner circumference.  A
patch loop does not spread fabric evenly.  It means a Jag BrushTM gives complete
cleaning coverage, while a loop may not.

We have all experienced loops getting stuck at bore entry or just after entry because
they cannot handle the uneven pleating they create with a patch.  We have all broken
loops, especially plastic ones, because the loops could not stand up to uneven
patch pleating.  But a Jag BrushTM disperses pleating evenly, and its bristle flex
gives it dynamic clearance at bore entry.

In fact, a Jag BrushTM can push a wide range of patch pleats into and through a
bore.  A Jag BrushTM at both its small and large diameter sections can press a
single layer of patch into rifling.  At its small diameter section, bristle flex gives it the
ability to press more layers of pleats than the number capable by a loop.  With care,
one can make a Jag BrushTM perform extreme in a way that a loop cannot.  Our Jag
BrushTM can press doubled thick cotton patches through a bore.  While doubling
thick patches is not recommended, it demonstrates the wide range of pleating layers
that a Jag BrushTM can press without becoming stuck in the bore.

Since it creates a smaller gap to bore wall than the gap created by a loop, a Jag
BrushTM pushes a patch further into rifling.  In contrast, the gap is large at the facial
side of a loop, and at that side one cannot expect much pressure against the patch.  
Even at the profile side of the loop, the gap is larger than it is when created by a Jag

A Jag BrushTM reduces the risk to damage to a bore’s rifling.  There is the fear when
using a patch loop that an edge of the loop, especially an edge of a metallic one,
would not be covered by the patch pulled through the loop’s eyelet, leaving the metal
loop exposed.  Compared to Jag BrushTM bristles, a loop is massive, and that mass
can create a large coefficient of friction that possibly damages a bore.

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