Date: July 18, 2011

Jag BrushTM Works with Greater Variety of Patches, Part VI: Effect on Patch

Los Angeles, CA — while a solid ribbed jag is sized in a permanent way to work with
either thin synthetic or thick cotton ones, but not with both, the active self-adjust
nature of a Jag BrushTM means it has the variable capability to press thin or thick
fabric into rifling.  Its bristles actively self-adjust to push “any” number of pleated
layers of different patch thicknesses against the bore.

The flexing bristles of a Jag BrushTM enable it to have a small gap, where the gap is
measured from bristle tips to bore wall.  The small gap gives our patent-pending
brush the ability to press thin patch pleating into rifling.  A Jag BrushTM can push a
low number, being 1 or 2-layer pleats into rifling, and it does not require a thicker 3 or
5-layer pleating to make deep contact.

On the other hand, our brush has ability in the other direction.  Its flexing bristles give
it the ability to the increase the gap in order to accommodate a thick patch pleating.  
In fact, evidence of its ability to press thick patch pleating is the fact that it can push
doubled thick cotton patches through a bore.

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