Date: July 11, 2011

Jag BrushTM Has Dynamic Gap Clearance, Part I: Effect of Bristle Flex

Los Angeles, CA — the gap clearance between bristle tips of a Jag BrushTM and
bore wall of a barrel is dynamic.  The flexibility of its bristles at the section where the
patch wraps around the brush allows the gap measurement to change as the Jag
BrushTM is being used.  We can say the bristles actively self-adjust to give an ideal
gap clearance.

Since the small diameter section of a two-diameter Jag BrushTM is less than the
bore diameter, there is a space or gap created between bristle tips and bore wall.  
As bristles flex away from an orientation perpendicular to the brush’s twisted wire
stem, the space or gap increases.  When the bristles flex even more, the gap
clearance increases more, and when bristles flex less, the gap clearance
decreases.  When they are not flexed or barely flexed, bristles tips are closest to the
bore wall.

A standard jag, because it is rigid, does not have a dynamic gap clearance.  The ribs
may have different diameters, but each diameter is fixed.  Each diameter being fixed
means each gap clearance is fixed around the circumference of each rib.  The gap
clearance is not dynamic.

Varying lengths of bristles give a Jag BrushTM an additional way to create variable
gaps inside the bore.  During manufacture, the cut length of bristles varies by a small
amount, and so the radial diameter varies by a small amount in the brush's small
diameter section.  Some bristles reach closer to the bore wall than the average
reach, and such bristles create a smaller gap than the average gap.

The extremity of patch radii can reach beyond a brush’s small diameter section.  
When patch fabric reaches into the brush’s large diameter section, the one-layer
patch pleats are pushed deep into rifling by bristles that are long enough to drag
inside rifling.

The active self-adjustment of its bristles means Cleaner FasterTM performance.

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