Date: July 28, 2009

Online Store Launched

Los Angeles, CA--responding to magazines who wanted to do free product blurbs
about Rigel Products new Triangle Patches TM and Jag Brushes TM, Rigel Products
started an online store at <>.  The articles or blurbs tell
consumers where to buy the new products, and consumers are told to go to the
homepage <> which links to the store site.

Prices to end consumers at the store site are a little higher than the prices for retail
at brick-and-mortar stores, and that is done to encourage the spread of its products
to retail stores.

The low handling charges given at the online store's shopping cart are due to the fact
that Rigel Products located fulfillment inside an existing business that uses its
experience and fluidity to pass along reasonable rates.

The store takes advantage of the organizational success of Yahoo and PayPal, and
using their software, logos, and url's ensure a shopper's trust.

Shipping options are UPS Ground, whose rates are in real time, and USPS.

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James Smith        
+1 336-608-9355 (mobile)

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