Date: January 24, 2009

New Types of Pencil Brushes

Los Angeles, CA--Rigel Products altered the bristles of pencil brushes to offer nine
new brushes.

The patent-pending design features bristles whose lengths vary at the head of the
brush, giving it a staggered pattern.  Shorter bristles at the outside of the head
provide support to longer bristles at the center of the head.  More support means
less fraying of bristles.  A further benefit is that the staggered pattern increases the
contact area between bristle tips and application surface.

Seven of the nine new brushes have conical heads that taper to a point, and the
other two are conical heads that taper to a flat disk.

They sell under a new brand called Stagger Brushes.

Bristle types are stainless steel, phosphor bronze, or nylon.

The stem and handle are made of the same materials used to make Angle Brushes
TM.  Stems are black iron tubing, and the crimp at the head is hexagonal.

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