Date: November 24, 2008

Powerful Non-Toxic Gun Cleaner

Los Angeles, CA--a new non-toxic solvent is a powerful formulation, breaking down
grime, grabbing onto it, and removing it from the bore.

Gun Cleanser
TM, uses new surfactants that are safe for the user without sacrificing
cleaning power.  These surfactants break down and grab onto oil greases and
carbon by-products like no other surfactants can.

The mixture of powerful solvents in Gun Cleanser
TM breaks down the worst grime.  
Carefully chosen dispersers spread the cleaner across surfaces and into edges and

The formulation has no water, so there is no fear of rust developing inside
hard-to-reach places where the cleaner disperses.  The formulation has no
petroleum-based ingredients, so there is no toxicity.   Lubricants in the formulation
leaves the surface slick and ready for use.

Gun Cleanser
TM comes in 1/3 oz sample bottles that are attached to other
packages.  More information can be found on the company

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