Date: November 19, 2008

New Bore Brushes Make Gun Cleaning Dual Action at a Reasonable Price

Los Angeles, CA--the features of new bore brushes, called Jag Brushes TM, give
superior dual-action capability.  The Utility Patent-Pending design is a dual-action
rod system that saves users time and gives them better cleaning results for less

The dual action is due to giving the brushes two distinct radial diameters.  The larger
diameter gives Jag Brushes
TM the single-action capability of standard bore
brushes, making them able to brush grime loose from the bore.  The smaller
diameter simultaneously gives Jag Brushes
TM the ability to act similar to
sub-caliber brushes, making them able to push patches to wipe the bore clean.  
However, unlike sub-caliber brushes whose diameters are arbitrarily smaller than
bore diameters, the smaller diameter of Jag Brushes
TM is precisely smaller by an
amount close to the thickness of cotton patches.  The ability of the brushes to spread
the patches and to push them firmly against bore walls is maximized.  In a manner
better than any other jag, the Jag Brushes
TM push patch fabric deeply into edges of
rifling grooves, soaking up and sweeping out grime from the entirety of the grooves.

Their construction is based on the standard method, being a twisted-wire stem.  The
adaption to the twisted-wire stem makes them less expensive than other dual-action
cleaning systems.  Jag Brushes
TM are much less expensive than pulled-cable
dual-action systems.

The threaded connectors have standard 8-32 thread, making them compatible with
standard rifle/pistol rods.  A user may use a favorite rod in a toolbox to begin
benefiting from Jag Brushes
TM.  Thus the system is a dual-action rod system.

Installing a patch onto the front of the Jag Brush
TM is easy.  A patch is trapped
between the entry of the bore and the Jag Brush
TM.  The simple action of pushing
the Jag Brush
TM into the bore automatically wraps the patch around the front of the
Jag Brush
TM, the patch fabric staying attached to the bristle tips during push and

The dual-action rod system requires less time and work than other dual-action
systems.  Pulled-cable dual-action systems do not stroke the bore, and cleaning
materials must be reloaded for every pull through the bore.  Jag Brushes
TM avoid
the long reinsertion process because they attach to standard rods, making them
able to complete full strokes, forward and backward.  There are other dual-action
systems that attach to rods, but those systems cannot complete the backstroke with
a patch because patches do not stay attached to their jags.  Patches stay attached to
bristle tips of Jag Brushes

Jag Brushes
TM with patches do not require time for reloading or reinserting the
combination for each stroke, and the result makes users more likely to perform more
runs through the bore for each cleaning session.  A few passes of a pulled-cable
dual action system leaves a lot of grime in the bore which in turn reduces accuracy of
projectiles.  On the other hand, the ease of the Jag Brush
TM makes a user more
likely to pass the brush and wiping element through many times during one cleaning
session.  When a patch becomes dirty, it is easy to pull off the dirty patch, and then to
install a new patch.

The Jag Brush
TM can be used in single-action fashion whenever the user chooses.  
By not including the patch, the rear of the Jag Brush
TM acts as a single-action bore

More information about Jag Brushes
TM may be found at

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