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Newstips   Feb 2012

Newstips Review 7: Rigel brushes & patches
Three elements are common to most gun cleaning kits: nylon brushes, phosphor bronze brushes &
cleaning patches (soaked with a cleaner); Rigel Products has some clever upgrades to all 3 that can work
with the cleaning rods most gun owners already have. Most cleaning patches are cotton flannel squares that
the rod holds in a slot & shoves down the bore (barrel) of the gun; Bore Smith Pyramid Patches are notched
triangles that do a better job of contacting the sides of the barrel & fold over themselves less. Their Brush
Smith Jag Brushes (in nylon & in phosphor bronze) have first-inch bristles slightly smaller than the main
brush; a Pyramid Patch over the shorter bristles makes optimum contact to swab the bore while the
full-length bristles behind clean any fouling. Bottom line: Rigel Products Bore Smith Pyramid Patches &
Brush Smith Jag Brushes are useful tools not only for gun owners but also for cleaning PC liquid cooling
systems & many small household appliances.