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--After test-shooting the 7mm Rem Mag, on Sunday, I came back and cleaned the gun. I used
something new.

Shane Smith has developed, I think, the
last word in bore-brush and patch designs. For years
I've attempted to use a patch and a brush at the same time but I always got a frayed-up mess of a
patch that was impossible to evaluate. It's called a Jag-Brush and I passed the brush-and-patch
back and forth up to fifteen cycles and the patch held up. The patches are triangled but with a
space between the tips so there's
no bunching-up. Good job! Shane!  Bill H in Helendale CA, Oct

--this is my second order for jag brushes and triangle patches. i love them both.  Bill S in Redding
CA, Sept 2015.

--I first saw your ad for the dual action gun bore cleaning kit in a gun magazine and decided to try
it.  Your two stage brush and pyramid patches
worked very well and very fast!  As a result, I
ordered more.  A great cleaning system!  
John C in Nottingham MD, June 2015.

--Your dual diameter brushes and triangle bore patches have no equal compared with standard
brushes and square/round patches.I have been using these brushes and patches for seven
months; now I have several thousand square patches and several dozen brushes collecting dust in
the storage cabinet.  Bore Smith, excellent products.
Ron O in Deer Park TX, June 2015.

--I did a quick product evaluation and posted it here on Accurate Shooter .Com: http://forum.  I'm going to re-order more 22, 30, and
6mm triangle patches and jag brushes these are GREAT! Thanks for a great product.  
Danny R in
Arendtsville PA, May 2015.

--Great idea and they work !  Greg G in Mukwonago WI, May 2015.

--I have been around firearms for over 50 years , I have cleaned a ton them.  Your cleaning
patches & brushes are the best
 !!!  Chuck T in Burlington VT, May 2015.

--Seriously, the combination of the dual-purpose brush, and the triangle patches quite superior to
anything that I have used in the past, and I have been shooting and cleaning for over 45 years

(age 57 now). Most of the patch gets dirty, as opposed to the “Japanese battle flag” pattern when I
use conventional patches. I do not worry about stabbing the patch in just the right spot to prevent it
from being difficult to pass, or getting stuck. I used to use undersized brushes, but found wrapping
them around the brush was time consuming, and the patches had a habit of coming loose. I have
not done a controlled, double-blind study of how your brushes and patches compare to
conventional patches, but the combination works, certainly takes less effort, and seems faster.
Giving credit to the fine folks at Bore-Tech products, I am using their rods, and solvents, and at their
advice, have gone to nylon brushes vice brass. The idea of using chemistry, versus elbow grease
makes sense to me, especially as I get older. The combination of your products and theirs works
well.  Bottom line, I really like your products. . . . So, back to the second order. The patches, and
brushes worked so well, I figured I needed to get a few more brushes for my other calibers, as well
as more patches; they will get used.

Not to be ungrateful, but I will be giving the two sample packs to friends with ties to the industry; try
to spread the word.  Congratulations on these excellent products, I wish you success, and hope that
I can send you some business.
Sam H in Pine Springs MN, April 2015.

--Have purchased from Rigel products before and have been well pleased with their products and
commitment to serve the customer that I keep returning to them, also the products that I use does
everything that they are supposed to do, making my weapons
very clean  Ronald G in
Succasunna NJ, March 2015.

--I have used these patches before and am so pleased with them. Tried others but keep coming
back to Rigel products, to me they are
superior in their cleaning along with using the jag brush
also the Bore brushes. In combination with all of them my weapons are
very clean.I would
recommend these products to anyone who likes a clean weapon. Thank you Rigel products for
such innovation and will continue to order when ever I need more or any other product you have.  
Ronald G in Succasunna NJ, March 2015.

--Cuts out on the need to have both a brush and jag separate and there has been a very
decline in barrel snags and getting square patches stuck inside, a pain to clear on
most occasions when it happens. Not had a single issue thus far.

Coverage is very noticeable as well and advertised I find I
use less patches to get a barrel
looking spotless

Have already recommended the triangle patches and jag brushes to a few friends and have gotten
similar feed back, they too have been impressed.

Thank you for the great products! Very much plan to maintain a good stock of brushes and
patches, it really does help make clean ups much easier and less wasteful.  
James H in Mount
Carmel PA, Feb 2015.

--[Product] Seems pretty decent.  Rick B in Irmo SC, Jan 2015.

--Great price and product, fast and fair shipping. Just what I look for!  James M in Deer Lodge MT,
Dec 2014.

--I just placed and received an order from Rigel Products.   Your closest dealer is almost two hours
from our facility, so ordering direct is preferable.   The reason I have continued to purchase Rigel
products is that they work.    Plain and Simple.   I do a lot of restoration on WWII Springfield rifles as
a hobby, and found the tapered brushes and triangle patches
do an excellent job of removing
decades old dried grease, grime
, and assorted gremlins which will mess up a barrel.   I also use
the small [Angle] brushes for tight places, even screw holes, along with dental picks, to cover all the
bases.  Question for you folks.   Do you have brushes suitable for .50 caliber pistol?   I noticed you
do for the rifle, but is there a shorter version?  
Joe K in Fayetteville NC, Nov 2014.

Boresmith comment: we developed but have not produced a shorter Jag Brush for pistols.

--Great product [Triangle Patches and Jag Brushes] this is my second order.  Joseph L in Columbia
City IN, Oct 2014.

--Recently ordered some Jag Brushes and Triangle Patches from RIGEL PRODUCTS. Have seen
but never used the
triangle patches before and found out that they flat out work. Got to admit, the
Jag Brush is also amazing. When my supply of regular patches is used up I will be using nothing
but the triangle patches and the matching Jag Brushes. Am totally satisfied with the way they work
and I highly recommend them.  From a satisfied customer!!!!!!  
Phil G in Hurricane WV, Oct 2014.

--Tried the angle brushes, bore [Jag] brushes, and cleaning [Triangle] patches.  I am very
impressed with them all.  
They make gun cleaning easier and much more efficient, especially the
Milton O in Ingram TX, Oct 2014.

--I've recently purchased from you guys and I am very happy about the quality of your product! I
would like to show others what brands I support and I think I can really get your message out there!
If I could get some stickers or apparel or other promotional items or catalogs I would really
appreciate it and will proudly display them. My mailing address is listed below and thank you for
your time!
 Jessika S in Brookings SD, Sept 2014.

--I wish I had your triangle patches and dual purpose jag brushes years ago! They work
extremely well. I've always had trouble with square patches fitting down my gun barrels. Your
patches have
solved that problem for me. In fact I've already placed an order for more. Your dual
purpose jag brushes with attached patch have
shortened gun cleaning time for me. Thanks for
providing such great products.  
Neil R in East Syracuse NY, July 2014.

--Purchased from you before. . . . great customer service.  James C in Inverness FL, July 2014.

--I'm Eric Feldman's friend from gunsmith school  i love your products they are great!  Joshuah Y in
Pompano Beach FL, July 2014.

--I love both the jag brush and the triangle patches. Best cleaning stuff I have ever had and I
have been cleaning guns since 1962
.  William S in Redding CA, July 2014.

--I like the product [Triangle Patches and Jag Brushes], as advertised.  Takes the x*^#@! out of
firearm cleaning
.  Marvin S in Cumberland MD, May 2014.

--Hi Shane,  We talked a couple months ago and I was picking your brain about info on starting my
business.  I did follow up and made an order from you for the three of us that went prairie dog
hunting a couple weeks ago.  We used your [Jag] brush and [Triangle] patch system and loved it.  
We will all be ordering more for other calibers.  Great product
loved using it on the prairie where
[because] the wind did not blow the patch off the brush
.  Russ H in Eland WI, May 2014.

--Lady taking orders- outstanding.products- outstanding. Triangle patches,jag brushs-
outstanding. Shipping also outstanding. Prices outstanding will be doing a lot of bizzzz with bore
smith. Thanks guys.  
Don R in Dearbourne MI, May 2014.

--i bought your products in the past and I will continue to do so.  Thanks.  David H in Vernonia OR,
April 2014.

--I cleaned my .204 Ruger and .458 WM for a full experience.  I used the special (triangular)
patches and standard ones too.  The special ones hook on nicely; cutting regular ones in half and
wrapping the brush was satisfactory too.  I felt like a newbie gun cleaner playing with the jag
brushes.  They pulled the patches as advertised.  
Cleaning went a little faster overall due to
being able to work the brush and patch more easily than a standard jag. . . . The name Rigel has to
win! I’m an astronomy nut at night.  Best of luck!   
 Gary S in Pineville OR, April 2014.

--(Jim...below is my review as promised...Thanks)  Somebody's always creating a better mouse
trap and Rigel fits into that category.  Since purchasing their [Jag] brushes and [Triangle] patches, I
have used them to clean a couple of my my guns.  Their products are
easy to use and work great
with fewer passes
.  The shape of their patches is what makes cleaning a breeze.  I can certainly
recommend both the brushes and patches.  As I read several reviews of their products, one
common theme was the great customer service.  Let me tell you that the customer service at Rigel
is what all other customer service departments should be measured against.  Even if their product
was only average, I would buy my patches and brushes from them because of the service.  You
simply won't find better!
 Don T in Westminster CO, April 2014.

--Hello my name is . . . and as a loyal customer I would like to thank you and your whole team for
all of your fantastic products. Your company has gone above and beyond to deliver to me what I
believe is some of
the best gear I’ve ever owned in terms of quality and craftsmanship. Having
said that I was wondering if you had any decals/stickers/ or promotional items that you could send
me as I would love to share with the rest of the world how much I enjoy your brand. If so my mailing
address is: . . . .  If not, that’s entirely okay.  I thank you for taking the time to read my letter and I will
continue to buy your products always and forever!  Thank you again.  
K Green in Philadelphia PA,
March 2014.

--These products are what really gets my gun clean and am very impressed. Shane has gone
above and beyond to have a very satisfied customer and I will continue to do business with them.
they have other products which I will be looking at. I certainly would recommend them and would
go way above 5 stars for their professionalism. Such a great feeling knowing there is a company
out there like this. THANK YOU
 Ronald G in Succasunna NJ, Feb 2014.

--I proudly support your company and the products you produce and sell. I would like to show
everyone what brands I buy and use and
your products are the best! If i could get some free
stickers as well as any other promotional items and catalogs to show off the company it would be
much appreciated!
 Travis T in Gettysburg SD, Jan 2014.

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