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--I've been using your [jag] brushes for over 4 years now!!  Jeffrey B in McDonald PA, July 2016.   

--Purchased numerous PhosphorBronze & Nylon for 7.62x51 &.556 [cable jag brushes tm] for their
cable. These are
very good products. I love the cable as it works well and packs well. Thanks!  
Ronald S in Henderson NV, June 2015.

--The idea of a 2-level brush is really neat.  Comes under the heading of I wish I’d thought of that.  
If I had I’d have been trimming brushes with diagonal cutters years ago.  How can it possibly be
anything other than VERY effective and efficient?!  I bought a set for myself and another for a friend
who will pick up his first firearm, a Springfield Range Officer 1911, at the age 85 (and strong as a
horse) on Tuesday.  
Bob F in Kissimmee FL, June 2015.

--the performance  of the Dual Purpose Cable Brush is simply spectacular. I have always a fan of
pull thru cleaning products, been cleaning firearms this way for years. When I combined the
Triangle Patches with the new brush I reached a whole new level of clean! I thought that my rifles
were clean....I was wrong. Really wrong. The combination of the Dual Purpose Cable Brush & the
Triangle Patches really
deep cleaned my bore.  Removed filth from what I thought was a clean
barrel. . . . I plan on ordering more of your fine products in the near future.  
Jeffrey B in McDonald
PA, May 2015.

--These brush jags work well. I get more fouling out than I do with just a jag.  Jim H in Pittsburg
PA, May 2015.

--Please let me know when they [Jag Brushes for cables] are available. Your Jag Brushes [for rods]
the finest brushes I have ever used.  Can't wait to use your pull thru brushes. "Pain is
Temporary, Glory is Forever."  
Jeffrey B in McDonald PA, Nov 2014.

--Your [Jag] brushes are the best on the market.  I tell people at my club they have to try them.  I
have been chosen for the high power rifle team and I will let the team know about your brushes.  I
saw your ad on yahoo in April 2013 and I have been using your brushes since I first tried them.  I
believe I was one of your first customers.  I have an email conversation with Shane Smith because
I was telling fellow shooters to use Rigel Brushes but they could not find your company.  He
suggested I tell people to Google "jag brush", so that is what I have been doing.  Thanks again for
coming up with such
a great and time saving product.  Andrew K in Wellesley MA, July 2014.

Boresmith Comment: better suggestion is to tell people or

--So I ordered the 12 gauge [Jag] brush and [Triangle] patches . . . . On the method of putting the
patch against the barrel then pushing it through didn't work for me. My method was, I put my Archoil
(CLP) on the patch then put it on the brush and pushed it through. Did a couple of back and forth,
then switched to a jag.  What would take me at least 12 or so patches
only took 5. The barrel was
super clean and no plastic fouling anywhere.
 So for a first try I am impressed. Time will tell but
so far so good.  Sincerely,  
Mike B in Oak Park CA, June 2014.

--Excellent products.  [shot gun jag brushes]  Speeds cleaning of my trap guns and cleans them
much better.
 Al R in Naples FL, May 2014.

--I used one of your dual purpose bore brushes today for the first time. it cleaned the bore of my
XDS in short order
and most importantly, with minimal effort on my part. as far as service is
concerned, you must have shipped about five minutes after I placed the order for it to arrive that
fast. nice to do business with you. your firm will be recommended to my family and friends without
reservation. thank you.   
Paul V in South Bend IN, May 2014.

--Greetings, Last week I purchased two of your special brass bore [Jag] brushes in .44/.45 and .30
calibers and your new [Triangle] patches. I've used the .44/.45 brush on my Ruger Red Hawk and
loved it.
It truly does clean better. I can't wait to try the .30 Caliber as well.  Thank you.  Nestor L in
Silver Lake KS, April 2014.

--I know its been along time since i last ordered some of your products.  It seems like your product
lives up to its reputation.  Better cleaning means using less patches and less work to keep the
bores clean.
 I wish everything was this easy!!!  Thank you once again.  Joe F in Red Oak TX,
Jan 2014.

--Thanks for being so prompt with this order. It is a gift to my boys who also shoot and I want to see
if they like your products. I'm retired military and law enforcement and do a lot of shooting. I've
your products are the best at cleaning my weapons and will re-order from you again.
Michael B in Huntington Beach CA, Dec 2013.

--I cleaned my rifle like always.used a jag-brush, triangle patch and some bore-brite.i was totally
when I kept on pulling dirty patches out.   Jeff C in Youngstown OH, Nov 2013.

--I cleaned my 500 Mossberg with traditional cleaning supplies and put it away.  I ordered Triangle
Patches and Jag Brushes and took out the 'cleaned' gun and cleaned it again and could not
believe the filth that came out of the 'cleaned gun'.  Since then I have had several friends bring
their guns over and have cleaned them for them.  Your products are wonderful.  
Never had such a
cleaned gun
as I have with your products.   Samuel  I in Stockbridge GA, Nov 2013.

--I used your bore brush/tri patch system today on a 22LR rifle shipped from eastern Europe full of
cosmoline.System worked great!Like it better then the "Otis" patch system.I never got the hang of
using their patches?  Nice to buy something that WORKS as stated!   
Robert N, US Army Retired,
in Ridgeville IN, Nov 2013.

--. . . my personal opinion is if a person wants the best cleaning of a firearm to use your patches
and KG-12 and KG-1. . . . again stainless brushes for combo and patch. I truly like your patches
and thanks in advance.   
Ralph S in Alaska, Oct 2013.

--I liked the tapered brush/jags, but unfortunately I use Dewey rods and need to get more adapters
for the brushes -- which are not threaded for the Dewey.   I got out an old rod though and the
jag/brush worked quite well. . . . I am very satisfied with the products.   
Joe K in Fayetteville NC,
Oct 2013.

--First off, generally, I love the product.  they work well with a healthy dose of "why didn't I think
of that"  They do cut down dramatically the cleaning time
compared to how I was cleaning my
firearms.   I use them on 22LR, .223, 9mm luger, and 45acp firearms.   I will note below how well
they work and what I like and what I wish was improved.

for 22LR, I found that the 17-20cal patches were far better than the 22-27 cal patches.  the 22-27
seem to be just a skosh too tight.  Cutting down the 22-27's to an intermediate size helps a bit too.   
this brings up the only failing I see in the jag brushes.  they are fairly weak and fragile when it
comes to bending them.  I've bent (and fixed) all of the brushes I have at this time.  This is not to
say that they are more weak than other brushes I have, just that they are no stiffer.   With the patch
on the front I found myself wishing that they were a bit more robust.  I don't see a good cost
effective way to achieve that, but that is my wish.

for 223, the 22-27 patches work but are just a skosh tight...  amazing what the tiny difference
between 22lr and 223 makes.  the 9mm patch with brush works great and feels like the best size
combination of all that I have.  for 45, I find that the 45cal patch is far too large and runs a high
likelihood of bending the jag brush and that the 9mm patch works much better.

All in all, a good product that I definitely will continue to use (and need to expand my collection of to
encompass the rest of my cleaning needs.  thanks

I first tried the 45-12 from the sample bag with the 45 brush (far too stiff), then the 9 patch with the
45 brush (which I now use extensively and works great)

yes, I've been using hand on brush as best I can with the pistol barrels removed from the rest of
the firearm (half hand on pistol, have below as guide).   Once I switched the 22lr to using the
sample 20cal size (and some of the larger ones I cut down to fit after I ran through the samples) it
stopped being quite so rude and worked very well.   After I move I plan to stock up on the sizes that
work best for me.   
Gregory M in South Ogden UT, Oct 2013.

BoreSmith comment: to avoid bending a Jag Brush tm for rods at bore entry, one must use one
hand to insert and guide the Jag Brush tm for rods into the bore, as the other hand puts moderate
force behind the rod.  A Jag Brush tm is longer than most rifle brushes, and with a patch around it,
a jag brush tm undergoes greater stress than a standard rifle brush.  The free hand not behind the
rod must support the core wire where the longitudinal pushing force meets the core.

As production volume increases, we will use a production technique that makes the core wire
stronger than that of other spiral bore brushes on the market.

Jag Brushes tm for cables do not need hand support to avoid bending them at their cores since the
brush core is supported by the bore where the longitudinal pulling force meets the core.

--I have not tried any of your products yet, but I love the triangle design for the cleaning patches,
and the tapered wire brushes to use with the triangle patches.  I know that once I use them they will
do a great job on my firearms!   
Sloan S in Demorest GA, Oct 2013.

--I bought several 12 gauge dual purpose bore brushes and have used them on two of my trap
guns. I thought I thought that I'd done a good job of cleaning these guns in the past, but the
patches that were used to clean them on the dual purpose bore brushes came out very dirty.  It
took three or four patches before the patches started to look clean.  I have always used Ballistol
gun cleaner so the cleaner itself wasn't a factor.  
I was so impressed with the results that I
ordered dual purpose bore brushes for all my guns.
GREAT PRODUCT!   John H in Bethel Park
PA, late Sept 2013.

--I like the idea of the duel purpose bore brush, but did not see any listed for pistols.  As a hunter
safety and firearm instructor this would be a neat thing to demo.  Would save time.  
James B in OH,
late Aug 2013

--The prices are great, the products [jag brushes tm and triangle patches tm] work great, and it got
to my house in just a couple of days.  
Joseph B in Fremont NE, late Aug 2013

--I'll start by saying that I've been frustrated with standard patch jags for quite some time now.  If I
buy a jag marked for .308, I should be able to use it in a .308!  But it seems that I can never find
patches that work.  They're either too thick or too large.  I can use a jag for a smaller caliber, but
then I run into the problem of the fit being too loose.  And what's the point of buying bulk pre-cut
patches if I have to trim them myself?  I stumbled across your website while looking for a better
solution.  The
combination of triangle patch and jag brush works great.  The patches don't get
stuck, they don't fall off the end of the rod, and there's always a snug fit
between the patch and
the rifling.  With the triangle patches, I've noticed a lot more patch-to-bore surface contact than with
my round or square patches.  I'm also glad that you offer a nylon brush, so that I don't get any "false
positives" when using copper solvent.  In fact, I like your products so much that I've just placed an
order for more [jag] brushes.  One thing that I'd like to see in the future is bulk-packed jag
brushes.  It would be nice to reduce the extra packaging (and maybe get a slight discount when I
need several).  
Michael H in Columbus IN, Aug 2013

--They [jag brushes tm] worked very well with the triangular patches.  It hastens the cleaning
process a lot
.  Bruce B in Wenatchee WA, July 2013

--Dual Purpose Bore Brushes, Chamber Brushes and Bore Patches are all excellent work better
than any other I've tried
, will continue to order.  Terry P in San Jacinto CA, July 2013

--I just wanted to send an email about my recent order.  I appreciate the prompt service and
shipping of the products I ordered.  They are a good product and I have
solely switched over to
using the Triangle Patch
for all of my gun cleaning.  I was even able to use the jag Brush for the
first time yesterday.  I am in the process of preparing for an antelope hunt in September, so I have
been shooting quite a bit more than normal.  The
Jag Brush really took the labor out of cleaning
my 30-06 rifle after firing 3 boxes of shells through I was able to clean it as fast as I would have on
a normal shooting day.  Your products work well and
take some of the effort out of the cleaning
Brad S in Buford GA, July 2013

--Awsome product !  The [triangle] patches fold and work as you say, the jagbrush is awsome, cuts
down amount of time and is very clever
! I'll be back to by more.  John L in Lindenhurst NY, May

--I really like your products!  I have often thought that someone could/should make a better
.  I was recently shooting a new custom made Ruger .204 semi.  The standard square
patches are about 3/4 inch square and have overlapping folds when you put them on a jag.  Your
jag brush is a great idea.  The triangle patches provide a longer length of solvent-saturated patch
than the 3/4 squares, and the followup
wider segment of [jag] brush affords deeper cleaning
immediately after the patch (as you know). . . . Good job…the jag brush and triangle patches
should be patented if you haven't.   I'm sure I'll be using your products repeatedly as time goes by.  
Brian M in Bozeman MT, April 2013

--What a great product. The Jab Brush [tm] in use with your special bore wipes [Triangle Patches tm]
cuts down the effort and time required to clean my pistol barrels. No more having to push
patches through a small hole in order to get multiple swipes.  
Leland C in Niceville FL, Feb 2013.

--Got great service and the 9MM [triangle] patches and [jag] brushes work great. Best thing I've
used since getting my SR9C. Highly recommend there products.  
Jim S in Erie PA, Feb 2013.

--I received my order in a very timely manner and these jag Brushes [tm] are the best thing to
clean your firearms that has ever been designed
.I am glad they came out with one for the 17
caliber.  Thank You for a very fine product.  
Steve S in Dewitt IL, Feb 2013.

--I see the deal now the [jag] brushes [tm] you sent me do make the patches work well. will be
ordering more stuff later thanks again.  
Jeff C in Independence MO, Sept 2012.

--Cleaned both pistols yesterday, the 9MM and the 45ACP.  The patches worked out very well and
easier to use than the square patches even though I seemed to use more of them, but
overall in conjunction with the JAG brushes [tm] it was just great.  The
patches really stayed on the
[jag] brushes and seemed to do a better job
.  Looking forward to getting out again because they
make cleaning easier.  
Ronald G in Succasunna NJ, Oct 2012.

--I have purchased your [triangle] patches [tm] and brush jags for .22 and I am ashamed to say I
thought I was cleaning my guns very well until I tried the Jag brush [tm] system
holy sh## does it
work well unbelivabley efficient!!!
I also passed out the sample bags you gave me at the local
gun show and I made it clear they need to get the Jag brushes [tm] to get the real benefit. anyway
when I try the nylon brush I will be ordering more brushes. Thankyou for a very good product!!  
Charles G of Port Angeles WA, Aug 2012.

--I have several customers that are using the jagbrush [tm]  and they all like them.  Joe P of
Bronson IA, July 2012.

--I admit that I was a bit skeptical at first (I was 'new' after all), but I love your new [Triangle] patches
[tm] in combination with the Jag Brush [tm].  I compete in two shooting disciplines: Cowboy Action
Shooting and F-Class Rifle (long range).  I have, not yet, had the chance to try the system on my 6
mm F-Class rifle, but it works great on all my cowboy guns.  Both my .45 Colt revolvers and my
Winchester '66, in .45 Colt, clean up beautifully with the patch and Jag Brush [tm] as does my 12
gauge coach gun.  I've found the combination of Jag Brush [tm] with the patch placed on the end
a great job of cleaning with a good fit without binding.  This ends up in less strokes needed;
and I like that. ;-)  
David M aka Ranger Dave of SASS in Pittsgrove NJ, June 2012.

--I received my order of various [triangle] patches [tm], brushes and jags [jag brushes tm] and I'm
very impressed. . . . Your Dad called me back and we talked about the products and the design of
the patches and the unique brass brushes for use with the patches.  My grandson and I have
cleaned many guns in the last month and the results are outstanding.  The tapered [jag] brush [tm]
concept does indeed let the patches work better with less rod flex etc.  
We can actually see the
groove marks on the patches indicating better patch to barrel contact
.  The chamber brushes
[Angle Brushes tm] are great also.  My congratulations to you for the fine product line and customer
service.  I'll be ordering patches in the larger quantities as we shoot frequently and  I'm pleased
with the products.  
Joe F in Red Oak TX, April 2012.

--I really like the triangle bore patches, and the dual purpose jag brushes [tm].  I would point out,
though, that neither of these products come in a size optimized for 6.5mm or 6mm.  I hope you
eventually come out with sizes for these bores.  
Thomas C in Moraga CA, March 2012.

--I believe the jag [brush tm] is an "active participant in the cleaning process" simple, yet effective,
and quite frankly
should have been developed decades ago.  You have my endorsement for the
Club.  I felt both products are worthy of replacement of other jags & patches in their cleaning
supplies with your triangle patch [tm] and "bore safe" jag [brush tm].  Thanks again for your
Rick Wolff on behalf of the Wisconsin Biathlon Association, in Grafton WI, March 2012.

--4922P [Jag Brush tm]. . .  I[t] works so well that this last order I got one for my friend so he can try it
out. . . Thanks For a Fine Product..  
Steve S in Dewitt IL, February 2012.

--I haven't found a better system. . . . won't use any other patches. . . . Great bore [Jag] brushes
[tm] as well.  
James C., in Yucca Valley CA, January 2012..

--Once you use the combination jag brush [tm] you'll l ask yourself,,,,,,,,
why didn't I think of this
.  As shooters we spend money on quality guns, scopes, rests, bore guides, cleaning rod and
then handicap ourselves with patches and bore brushes that were designed decades ago.  Try the
jag brushes [tm] and triangle patches [tm] just once. You'll not be disappointed.
 Lee N in Eaton
OH, December 2011.

--I can't wait to use your patch with the [Jag] brushes [tm] I purchased from you.  It looks like they
will be so much better for the bore than using a jag.  I have been spreading the word for you.  I
have an FFL and I talk to a lot of gun owners. . . .Thanks For a Wonderful product..  
Steve S in
Dewitt IL, November 2011.

--I used the 30 cal patches this morning with one of your [Jag] brushes [tm] and I don't think I will
use a jag again
. Thank You for a great product.  Steven S in Dewitt IL, November 2011.

--I currently have the .223 and 30 cal [jag] brushes [tm] and they work great.  Thanks.  Scott C in
Littleton CO, July 2011.

--I do think you have a great product.  The [jag] brush [tm] bristles push the cloth against the
bore unlike the when you pull the patch through with the slotted tip
.  A the [jag] brush [tm]
bristles have give so the patch will not get stuck like a [typical] jag & patch.
 William A in Chandler
AZ, May 2011.

--I have been using the 9mm version of this product for over a month now.  I was at first a
disbeliever that the two stage design of the [jag] brush [tm] would do any good.  I was wrong.  The
smaller diameter of the [jag] brush [tm] allows you to put a bore cloth around that part of the jag
[brush tm] and believe me it
cleans the bore more efficiently than any other brush I have used in
the past.  Also the bristles on the jag [brush tm] seem to show less wear and tear.  I'm going to go
ahead and buy this bore brush in all the other calibers of firearms that I use.  The company also
makes a triangle patch [tm]  that is designed for this product and they work very well with the [jag]
brush [tm].  
Ron J.,2011 IRC Match Director, in California, Sept 2010.

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