Rigel Products at Hollywood Celebrity Sporting Clays Invitational 2011
On June 11, 2011, Hollywood stars congregated with us everyday folk at the "red carpet"
area.  Actor and Navy brat
Patrick Kilpatrick created the event to counter anti-gun culture
in Hollywood.  It was held at the Oak Tree Gun Club in Newhall CA.  Look into the crowd,
and see if you can pick out Joe Mantegna of the TV series
Criminal Minds.
Rigel Products made two donations
each valued at $196.
Note: at Rigel's other demo booth, Lou Ferrigno, tried it out.  Rigel's Shane Smith missed
a great opportunity, and did not get Lou's photograph testing out the Jag Brush tm.  
Either Shane was absent minded, or he was afraid Lou would get mad and turn green.
Inventor Shane Smith demonstrated
Rigel's patent-pending products to an
attendee, at booth set up by Rigel's
John Donnelly.