Rigel Products at PFI Rapid Reticle Range Day Event Charity Raffle
On July 31, 2011, PFI Rapid Reticle held a day of shooting fun, having placed their
scopes on a Benelli shotgun, a 5.56, 22 long rifles, a Sig Sauer 308, a Remington 300,
a custom 308 by Eric Feldman, and on various pistols.  PFI exec John Pride donated
one of his competition pistols for use.  The charity raffle, for which Rigel Products
donated $100 in retail product, benefited Wounded Warrior Project and the CA Peace
Officer Association.
Note: at Rigel's other demo booth, Lou Ferrigno, tried it out.  Rigel's Shane Smith missed
a great opportunity, and did not get Lou's photograph testing out the Jag Brush tm.  
Either Shane was absent minded, or he was afraid Lou would get mad and turn green.