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at Rigel Products
the men and women of
the United States
Armed Forces for
the brave sacrifices they
have made and
continue to make.
Freedom is not free.
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Ads in 2012
NRA's Shooting Illustrated: 2012 Issue Nov
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Outdoor Life mag: 2012 Issue Oct
Grand View Media Group
Predator Xtreme: 2012 Issues March/April, May/June, July/Aug,
Sept/Oct, Nov/Dec
Cabela's Outfitter Journal: 2012 Issues March/April, July/Aug,
Waterfowl & Retriever: 2012 Issue Late Season
American Handgunner: 2012 Issues July/Aug, Nov/Dec
Soldier of Fortune: 2012 Issues May, July, Sept
Rifle mag: 2012 Issues May/June, July/Aug, Oct Special, Nov/Dec
Guns & Ammo: 2012 Issues March, May, July, Nov
Sportsman's Journal: 2012 Issues Feb, April, June
S.W.A.T. mag: 2012 Issues Jan, March, May, July
FMG Publications
American Handgunner Annual: 2012 Issue 6 mos start 10-17-2011
American COP Annual: 2012 Issue 6 mos start 6-20-2011
GUNS Combat Annual: 2012 Issue 6 mos start 12-12-2011
Handloader mag: 2012 Issues Dec/Jan, Feb/March, April/May,
June/July, Oct/Nov, Dec/Jan
Gun Digest: 2012 Issues Nov 30.
Wolfe Publications
Rifle mag: Jan/Feb, March/April, Varmint May
Successful Hunter: 2012 Issues May/June, July/Aug, Sept/Oct,
The Varmint Hunter Mag: 2012 Issue Quarterly Oct-Dec
Small Arms Review: 2012 Issues Jan